Tulip Consulting Services would  identifies the gap between the knowledge, skills and attributes required and those  possessed by its  employees. It focuses the  needs of  skills  required  by  employees  for the  company’s  business strategy and goals. Based on the gaps identified, the training solutions  are created.  We  have  a  group of  experienced  trainers  who  bridge   this  gap

Depending  on  the requirement  from  our  study  we  suggest  the  Training  which  would  be  long  lasting  and  can help a person :

  • Managing Self
  • Managing Business
  • Managing the Customer

Through multiple platforms such as online assessment, on-the-job training, classroom training and experiential learning, we help people grow with respect to attitude and profession.
Our training services help companies to upgrade the knowledge and skills of their employees at every level of the organisation. We have a series of  programmes covering popular topics such as communications, leadership, change management, planning and organising skills, client relationship management, sales skills, etc.

We also provide customised training interventions in behavioural and self developmental areas. What adds to this is our unique and specialised training inputs in areas like work- life balance, stress management, managing conflict creatively, aligning ones spiritual beliefs with career aspirations.


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